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In my role as a developer evangelist at Alfresco, I regularly speak with developers who have never heard of the tool and are not familiar with the concept of content management. This short post will provide enough of an introduction that you will know what capabilities these tools provide, and when to research more ...

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Last summer I changed roles at Alfresco and moved from technical sales to technical marketing. It has been a lot of fun to own a technology project again. My main focus since that time has been to replace the Alfresco Developer Forge with a new Add-ons Directory located here:


As of this writing, there are ...

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YCombinator’s Hacker News recently linked to an interesting post entitled “What every computer science major should know”.

I think it’s a pretty good list, but like others I have seen, it has a hole around the knowledge domain of Content Management, Content Modeling, and Information Architecture.

There are some core tools that every software engineer ...