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 A Great Pair: Easy Tomato and the Asus RT-N16

For my home firewall and server I used to have an old laptop running Debian. It was a source of geek pride that I had configured by hand all of the necessary services (DHCP, DNS, iptables, Apache, Samba) and knew how everything worked. When that laptop died, I decided I was too lazy to keep ...

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Here is a product that every tech geek needs to buy.

If you are the person that the neighbors call when they have a computer problem, or if you can’t tell your mother that you won’t help her recover the photos off the Windows 95 desktop, then you need this product. It is the Vantec SATA ...

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A note to anyone who might be interested: I have run Debian testing on this laptop since Spring 2005. I believe that everything is working as well as it did under Gentoo (no 3D acceleration yet), and I have done no special configuration that I can remember.