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Alfresco Community Edition September 2015

Though a day late, I am publicizing our September release of Alfresco Community Edition. Yesterday we pushed out Alfresco Community Edition 201509 EA, which contains the 5.1.b builds of the Alfresco Platform and Alfresco Share. This release contains no new features, and a lot of bug fixes. Though still an Early Access release, our testing to date suggest that this is a solid build of Alfresco that we hope can be used widely. Because we have not completed our release verification process, we still recommend you do your own testing and think carefully before upgrading a production system to this release.

The new feature for the 5.1 release that has me most excited is the long awaited GUI for creating custom content models. Ben Chevallereau played with the August release and created an informative blog post with lots of screen shots. But I am also excited about many of the improvements we have made to Alfresco Share, especially the selectable home page. The Alfresco Wiki has a list of new features in 5.1. There are also some fixes in this release for security concerns that were raised for authenticated XSS and XML injection attacks.

Last June I laid out a plan for Community Edition development for the rest of this year. So far we are proceeding according to that plan. Most of the under-the-hood work for the 5.1 GA release has already happened, but a few significant features are still in-flight and not yet ready for inclusion. This release only contains bug fixes as we wait for the remaining 5.1 work to be completed and merged. We expect to continue near-monthly releases of Community Edition until we produce a 5.1 GA release.

With each release of Community Edition, we have two competing goals: a solid release that can be widely adopted, and a cutting edge release that encourages contributions to the open source project. We recently started differentiating between Early Access releases and Generally Available releases in order to separate these two goals and signal clearly so that users can decide when they want to upgrade their systems. Having a solid EA release blurs the lines because it is as reliable as most previous Community Edition releases, but it is not marked as GA and we don't intend to use it to test upgrades from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition. I hope lots of people use this release and provide feedback both on the release quality, and the way we are communicating about the release. I recommend the 201509 release for anyone starting development on a new project that won't be in production for a few months.


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