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Alfresco 5.0.c was released last December. The biggest complaint with Alfresco 5.0.c was our unfortunate (and accidental) removal of the administration consoles for workflows, models, and tenants (tracked as ALF-21133). This prevented a lot of installations from upgrading from 4.2. It took us longer than we expected, but Kevin Roast added them back last week and Douglas C. R. Paes tested them and blogged about them. Now we want to cut a release of Community Edition that includes them, and we expect it will be a 5.0.d.

Community Edition is released from the HEAD of our source control, which we try to keep stable and test with an automated test suite. I didn't think we would have a release of Community Edition containing the new administration consoles ready before HEAD had significantly changed from the 5.0 code line. But since the release of AlfrescoOne 5.0, our engineering team has been busy with some long term architectural changes that haven't yet been ready for HEAD. That allows us to get out a release that is not significantly different from 5.0.c.

Looking through the SVN commit history, it looks like the main changes are:

  1. The new /alfresco Administration command consoles
  2. A repository-tier node browser component
  3. Share Public API /proxy/alfresco-api endpoint
  4. Aikau 1.0.8
  5. SSO performance improvements from Share for specific authentication chains

And various other bug fixes.

We would like your help to test the nightly build and verify that this release is a useful upgrade from 4.2 without significant regressions compared to 5.0.c. If you see a problem, please report it.

Our window is short. Engineering is almost ready to merge in some big changes that will likely introduce instability. So if the nightly builds aren't a viable release, we will need to wait for those changes to stabilize.

Thank you for collaborating with us on Alfresco Community Edition.


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  1. Richard Esplin

    Richard Esplin on #

    We released Alfresco Community Edition 5.0.d today. Enjoy!

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