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Alfresco uses Lucene to provide services for indexing and searching metadata and content. Though Lucene is a reliable subsystem for most of our customers, if Alfresco trouble does occur, the Lucene index is often involved. A customer asked me today for advice on maintaining the health of Alfresco indexes. After getting some ideas from support, ...

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Alfresco is format-agnostic. It will store any bytes you hand it, and along with storage you get powerful functionality such as permission enforcement, categorization, versioning, automation rules, workflow, check-in / check-out, metadata, and meta-data search (among other capabilities). In addition to these core content-agnostic capabilities, Alfresco will also examine the MIME type to see if ...

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Here are some tips for building custom content models in Alfresco:

Keep Properties in Custom Aspects

Alfresco provides developers with powerful tools for modeling content and automating functionality. Aspects are one of the biggest. Because Java developers are familiar with method annotations, most quickly comprehend how aspects allow a developer to cross-cut the content model and group ...

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