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Product managers, engineers, marketers, and those who support them can be amazingly pretentious. If you are involved in designing a product, please make sure that you understand this important point: it doesn’t matter what you build, or how good a job you do, your product is not cool enough to force on everyone and expect ...

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Background to Buying a Linux System

My family switched to all-Linux in 2002. Mid-2004 was the last time I purchased a Windows license for personal use; though I have a copy of XP that I still occasionally load in a VM. 2004 was the year I bought an HP laptop that came with Windows, and ...

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The Setup

After working for over a year as the only tech guy in our little start-up company, we brought another developer on to help with some of the reporting tasks. In an effort to mitigate the damage a contracted hit-man could do to our collective efforts (the hit-by-a-bus metaphor is so passé), I have been ...

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I discovered today that my blogging platform is including in the blog feed any post I update. And it counts as an update changes like enabling and disabling commenting on an old post. This behavior means that I have been spamming your feeds with old posts whenever I make a these innocuous changes.

I am a ...

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