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I am about to start a big project for work, and I wanted to get the latest tools on my machine because I know I won’t have the opportunity for a while. Unfortunately, my install of Kubuntu Hardy 8.04 is starting to feel behind-the-times and the latest versions of my applications are getting increasingly hard ...

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Banjo Six Months Later

Banjo is a good foundation for a blog engine, but it needs some work. It is certainly quicker to implement than writing your own blog engine, but it is not as finished as I had hoped. I fixed a number of bugs, and the banjo maintainer was nice enough to give me ...

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Summary: Herein is shown how to work around the problems in Excel 2007 to create a multi-series, multi-axis, dynamic bar chart.

First, I’ll air my complaints about Microsoft Office 2007. I am not a fan of Microsoft Office, and I find the ribbon UI to be a lamentable step away from usability. Though I can appreciate ...

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