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For the last ten years I have mentally divided the computing world into three camps:

  1. The sorry masses of Windows users who don’t realize that happy alternatives exist to their computing purgatory.

  2. The camp of OSX users who enjoy their addiction to beautiful and functional proprietary technologies.

  3. The free and dis-organized Linux users who will conquer the world ...

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I am about to start a big project for work, and I wanted to get the latest tools on my machine because I know I won’t have the opportunity for a while. Unfortunately, my install of Kubuntu Hardy 8.04 is starting to feel behind-the-times and the latest versions of my applications are getting increasingly hard ...

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Banjo Six Months Later

Banjo is a good foundation for a blog engine, but it needs some work. It is certainly quicker to implement than writing your own blog engine, but it is not as finished as I had hoped. I fixed a number of bugs, and the banjo maintainer was nice enough to give me ...

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Summary: Herein is shown how to work around the problems in Excel 2007 to create a multi-series, multi-axis, dynamic bar chart.

First, I’ll air my complaints about Microsoft Office 2007. I am not a fan of Microsoft Office, and I find the ribbon UI to be a lamentable step away from usability. Though I can appreciate ...

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I can’t take it anymore; I can’t keep my opinions to myself. I have to write my representatives, and my senators, and other representatives I think might listen, and post to my blog. Perhaps my one reader will see it. Unfortunately, I should be working on a contract proposal right now, so I’ll have to ...

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Summary: Herein the author finds that Django-cms is a pretty decent content management system.

I’ve finally gone live with the site for my new initiative: As part of my effort to research the Django ecosystem, I decided to give a pre-packed CMS a try. There were two contenders: django-cms and Ella. Though Ella ...

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Summary: Cron doesn’t run files with dots or underscores in them; remove that .sh!

Did you put your file in /etc/cron.daily or /etc/cron.weekly and it doesn’t run? Does cron just skip right over your file? Check that you don’t have a period or underscore in your filename. I’m talking about the .sh or .py you always ...

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The Old Blog

I started blogging with a plain HTML file. I would simply append new entries to the top. The motivation was to have a place to record technical solutions that I repeatedly had to look up. The setup was functional, but didn’t look very sophisticated. It stopped being practical when I wanted to categorize ...

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