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To start Emacs without a GUI window, use the -nw (no window) flag on the command line.

To access the menus without the mouse, use M-`. In non-emacspeak, that means press Esc, let go, then press the backtick. You will get a list of the menu functions in the minibuffer that you can scroll and ...

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Sun does not allow redistribution of their JRE or SDK. The free VM’s for Java are behind by many versions. For that reason, some work has to be put in to get a usable Java development environment on Debian. I am using Debian Testing (Sarge).

There are two methods to get a Java environment ...

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This card has a prism2 chipset and works like a charm. I think it is a great card, and it only cost about $40, including shipping charges. I would recommend this card.

I started off trying to get the linux-wlan-ng driver to work because that is what every HOWTO I found recommended. I found the wlan ...

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