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A couple colors in vim are too dark for me to read on my black background terminal—especially the comments, but the :set bg=dark (or :set background=dark) command doesn’t have an effect. I am thankful to Lee J Carmichael who provided these simple instructions in an archived mailing list post (To: freebsd-questions, Subject: Re: Changing comment color in vim, Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 06:56:14 -0800):

Add to your ~/.vimrc the line:
hi Comment ctermfg=darkmagenta

You can see what other colors are available by entering these two lines in vim:
:e $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/colortest.vim
:so %

Other syntax types that you can set the coloring for are: Comment, Constant, Special, Identifier, Statement, PreProc, Type, and Ignore.


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