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I was told that a good thing to do is to create a .sh and .csh file in /etc/profile.d. The .sh file should have these two lines in them:

    export JDK_HOME=<path to your jdk implementation — mine is /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.1_01>
    export PATH=$PATH:$JDK_HOME/bin

My guess at what the .csh file should look like is this:

    setenv JDK_HOME=<path to your ...

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This happened to me in Red Hat 8.0 with Sun’s j2sdk1.4.1_01, though I think it happens with a lot of Java packages. My problem was that I was writing at the command line:

 bash> java my_program.class

I should not have included the .class in my command line call. I just had to make sure that I ...

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Summary: Herein the author lays out the original purpose for this blog.

I realize that a question I have is dumb when I spend a long time finding the solution, and it turns out to be obvious. The problem with obvious answers is that people rarely bother writing them down. Sometimes I forget an obvious answer ...

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