I have submitted bug reports, suggestions, and fixes to issue queues for many open source projects such as Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu, KDE, Drupal, Zentyal, and Alfresco.

I have been active in the forums, mailing lists, and IRC channels of many of those projects as well.

Below are profiles that make it easy to validate some of this experience:

Backup Blog

February 13, 2009

My wife hosts her blog with a popular blogging service. She puts so much effort into her posts, that I want to make sure they get backed up. The service does not provide RSS feeds, so I decided to use Python Mechanize. Unfortunately, the documentation is less than ideal.

This script provides an example of logging into a form, searching links, and downloading the page contents. It snarfs the entire page and makes links to page elements point to the local copy, like using wget --convert-links or Firefox save "Web Page, complete".

Hopefully you will find it instructive. If you put it in a cron job, don't forget to remove the .py in the filename.

Download here: Backup Blog