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Building the community.

Thoughts on Alfresco's Open Source Business Model

I joined the Alfresco Product Management team about a year ago with the goal of helping Alfresco clarify our strategy around Alfresco Community Edition. I wanted to make it easier for adopters of Alfresco to benefit from the open source product, and easier for Alfresco to invest in further open source development. I did a lot of research into how customers choose Alfresco, and how they choose between Alfresco Community Edition and Alfresco One. The result of this effort was a lengthy blog post written in cooperation with the leadership team at Alfresco, with feedback from leaders of the Order ...

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2015 Plans for Alfresco Community Edition

Our last release of Alfresco Community Edition was at the end of March, so I should update you on our progress towards the next release. You have probably seen our announcements about releasing a number of modules to Enterprise Edition, but we have also been busy on enhancements to Alfresco Community Edition. Our plans for new features are listed below, but first I want to explain some changes we are making to how we release the product.

Product Evolution

As part of an effort we call “Release Agility”, we have been making Alfresco more modular and easier to release in ...

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Big Changes in Alfresco's Community Strategy

Big Changes in Alfresco's Community Strategy

Since closing our latest round of funding in August 2014, Alfresco has increased our pace of growth. At the same time, our community of customers, partners, employees, open source contributors, and developers have also been more enthusiastic and engaged. During Alfresco Summit 2014, I mentioned that we were working to restructure our community strategy so that we can better meet your needs as we scale the business. Last month, as I moved my focus to training my new team members and transitioning to my new role, I posted an update promising more details to come. This post contains those details ...

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Preparing for a Release of Alfresco Community Edition

Alfresco 5.0.c was released last December. The biggest complaint with Alfresco 5.0.c was our unfortunate (and accidental) removal of the administration consoles for workflows, models, and tenants (tracked as ALF-21133). This prevented a lot of installations from upgrading from 4.2. It took us longer than we expected, but Kevin Roast added them back last week and Douglas C. R. Paes tested them and blogged about them. Now we want to cut a release of Community Edition that includes them, and we expect it will be a 5.0.d.

Community Edition is released from the ...

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My Changing Focus at Alfresco

As many of you know, I have been gradually changing roles at Alfresco. I moved from being the Head of Community Relations to being the Product Manager for Alfresco Community Edition. Or at least my title changed; my job duties didn't change much. We know how important it is to keep supporting the community of Alfresco enthusiasts, and I didn't want to dive into my new duties without making sure my old ones were in good hands.

Instead of hiring a direct replacement to take over my previous role, we took the opportunity to restructure how Alfresco works ...

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The Right Business Model for Your Community

The Right Business Model for Your Community

The Challenge of Open Source

I have long been an advocate of Free / Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS)—some would say "zealot" is a better term. However, when trying to build a business around open source, as either an entrepreneur or as a consultant, I was not successful. Five years ago I joined Alfresco. My dream was to be part of growing a sustainable business around an open source project, and I have enjoyed the journey. This adventure has forced me to develop more nuance in my thinking about business models and open source communities.

I have had to struggle ...

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Important Changes in Alfresco Community Edition 5.0.b

This fall has been a hectic time as we juggled Summit and the preparations for the release of Alfresco One Enterprise Edition 5.0. In the middle of Summit, our team completed the scheduled 5.0 features and got Community Edition 5.0.b out the door in order to receive feedback.

Unfortunately we failed to communicate about some of the important changes in that release. I want to apologize for that, and provide the additional details.

Removed Features

We took advantage of a major version release of Alfresco to do significant spring cleaning of the Alfresco code base. With ...

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CPU Speed and Alfresco 5.0

As we near the release of Alfresco Enterprise Edition 5.0, Community Edition has evolved a lot. Community Edition 5.0.a was an opportunity for the Engineering team to get feedback on the improvements in the 5.0 source tree. Though it was a solid release, there was still a lot of new development to complete on the road to an Enterprise Edition release. The Engineering team has now adopted a policy of only doing bug fixes on the 5.0 source tree, and Community Edition 5.0.b contains the rest of what we plan for 5.0 ...

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My Role in the Alfresco Community

I have been slow to share my thoughts on the Alfresco community since taking over for Jeff Potts two months ago. I am excited about my new role as Alfresco's "Head of Community", but I have been very busy managing my responsibilities while also completing our preparations for Alfresco Summit. I thought I would be safe while you are all on summer holiday, but some have commented on my perceived lack of engagement. I want to apologize for that, and assure everyone that I am engaged and continuing to support the efforts of the Alfresco community.

First, let me ...

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Alfresco and Windows

I had to update my Windows 7 Virtual Machine this week in order to do some demo videos. It is always painful to renew my frustration with that operating system. I dug out my old list of gotchas related to connecting to Alfresco from a Windows machine. I updated them, and decided to post them here.

Most of these tips come from either the official Alfresco documentation or the Alfresco wiki, but some come from issue reports, experience, and hearsay. Some tips might be out-of-date. I submitted most of these tips as enhancement to the documentation.


CIFS is the ...

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