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Bose amplifier and climate control
Bose amplifier and climate control

I have a large family, and live at the top of a large hill. There are a couple of days each year that the snow is too slick to get up the hill without 4-wheel drive. I got tired of sliding my minivan into the curb, so I bought a 2011 GMC Yukon XL K1500.

Our family continued to grow, and we needed another seat. We replaced the front center console with a bench out of a Chevy Silverado. The vehicle now has seat belts for nine. The bench works great, but the dashboard is not designed to have a seat there like it is in a Silverado; the dashboard is tall and there isn't any legroom. We only use the seat when the entire family travels together, and it fits a child in a booster seat rather well. There is no airbag in front of the middle seat.

The local auto upholstery shop does a lot of these modifications for large families, and the owner warned me that the Bose sound system wouldn't work after removing the center console. The center console houses a bass speaker, an amplifier, and a climate control for the rear seat that includes stereo controls and headphone jacks (see photo above).

The man was right, and the radio did not work. Everything appeared to be fine, but sound would only come through the front speakers--the sound in the back was very faint no matter how the balance was adjusted.

The repair: see the capped wires that used to go into the climate control

It took me some trial and error to find that the problem was not with the bass or the amp. If the rear control was plugged in, everything worked. If it is removed, the sound would drop out. So the fix is simple: I shorted the wires that went into that control. By cutting off the jack that went into the rear climate control, and capping the paired wires together, the radio works perfectly. You can see my handiwork in photo. Notice the cut cable into the climate control, and the capped wires on the left.

Removing the bass didn't cause any problems.

Hopefully this brief write-up saves someone else the trouble I went through. Thank you to my buddy Steve for helping me figure this out. Spending the day with him was much more enjoyable than working on this alone.


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