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Two years ago I started putting my plans for a technical cooperative into practice. I put up a site at, and I started cold-calling charter schools who I thought would be interested in a community of education technologists and the associated IT services we would provide. I got a few paying customers, but ...

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I was pretty successful moving to my new house without breaking anything valuable, but unfortunately the old HP Pavilion laptop I have been using as my web server / firewall for the past several years did not make it. Shortly after hooking it up in its new home, the hard drive gave up the ghost. I ...

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Note: Though this works for me, unattended installation is not a tested and supported use of the Alfresco installers.

With the release of Alfresco 3.3.3, Alfresco started using Bitrock installers for both their Community and Enterprise products. The logic is that using Bitrock’s proven technology will reduce problems with the installation process. Also ...

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