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I am using Red Hat 8.0 with USB support and digital camera support installed. To make sure that you have usb support and digital camera support installed, check for these two packages on your system (rpm -qa |grep ):

  • gphoto2
  • libusb

gphoto2 is an application that provides a command line interface with the digital camera. Simply pass it the arguments that you need. An example which copies all files off the camera into a directory, and removes them from the camera. Some simple steps:

  • Connect the camera to the computer’s USB port, and turn it on.
  • Create a directory to copy your images photos into.
  • Move into that directory.
  • run: gphoto2 --get-all-files.
  • run: gphoto2 --delete-all-files.

Sometimes gphoto2 doesn’t recognize the camera immediately (perhaps because the usb must be probed before running these commands). Just try it again a couple of times before getting frustrated and reading the documentation. Also, if you are having problems, make sure the camera didn’t turn off.


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