A collection of videos, interviews, and presentations available online. Most of these are available through my profiles at the normal sites:

These specific presentations are related to my work at Evernym, including topics like digital identity, self-sovereign identity, blockchain technology, open source strategy, software engineering, and product management.

My other presentations are on a different page.

Manning Self-Sovereign Identity

March, 2021

I contributed a chapter to the book Self-Sovereign Identity: Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials published by Manning and edited by Alex Preukshat and Drummond Reed. The chapter title is "How Open Source Software Helps You Control Your Self-Sovereign Identity".

FLOSS Weekly: Evernym & Verifiable Credentials

September 16, 2020

After becoming acquainted at the Internet Identity Workshop with Joyce and Doc Searls, Doc invited me to join his This Week in Tech podcast FLOSS Weekly to discuss self-sovereign identity, blockchain technology, and other concepts in open source.

Open Source Product Strategy

May 15, 2020

I gave a presentation on open source product strategy at the Internet Identity Workshop, and decided to give the same presentation to my colleagues at Evernym.

FOSDEM Blockchain and Crypto Currencies devroom

February 03, 2019

I presented on self-sovereign identity in the Blockchain and Crypto Currencies devroom at FOSDEM 2019.

Voronezh Blockchain Meet-up

January 30, 2019

While visiting the offices of our partner DSR, I presented on self-sovereign identity to the Voronezh Blockchain Meetup. It was a dry-run of my talk for FOSDEM, and I ended up making some changes afterwards.

SSI Meetup

November 12, 2018

After a long conversation about the origin of open source as a philosophy, my colleague and friend Alex Preukschat invited me to present on his webinar series SSI Meetup.