Current Status

I am very happily employed working with the Alfresco Community. It is a fun job, a great open source company, and a rapidly maturing start-up.

It is unlikely that you will have an opportunity that is more appealing to me than where I am now. It would need to allow be a small and growing company, working on code under an open source license, be able to stay in Utah, regularly work from home, travel less than 1 week a month, work with a global team, and involve a mix of development, analysis, and management. I enjoy being in a decision making role and mentoring teammates. Python would be a big plus.

I am currently too busy to take contract work.

If you feel like reaching out, I promise to be polite. And if I have a minute I will even try and think of someone else that can meet your need.

Thank you for your interest.

Hire Me

Metaphorically speaking, I have finished my apprenticeships, and am now a journeyman on my way to becoming a master. My toolbag is packed and I'm ready to go where I'm needed. I enjoy the diversity of experience that comes from helping anybody who has a need.

I do my consulting under the name Esplin Technology, LLC. Though I am an advocate for pricing transparency, rates vary based on my availability, and the size of the project. I have learned that an accurate rate can only be given as part of a conversation.

As you can see from my resume, I am a generalist with experience in almost all parts of the software development lifecycle. The hats I most often wear are labeled:

Though I don't often use the terms when referring to myself, I have also been called "Change Agent", "Architect", and "Guru".

My key interests are:

Ways I can help your business include:

I have experience supporting clients with Linux, OSX, and Windows.

I would love the opportunity to discuss your needs with you. My contact information is on my resume.

Some projects I have worked on: